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Are you looking to teach the next generation of entrepreneurs?


At Forward Incubator we recruit the best business trainers around, who can deliver high quality workshops to our entrepreneurs on a variety of subjects.

A trainer can give a single workshop, or a series of workshops in the program. Currently we have trainers that give workshops on lean startup, business plan writing, marketing, legal and tax, pitching, finance, investments, personal skills, cross cultural communication, and negotiation.

You will be able to help eager entrepreneurs to start their business and build their lives in the Netherlands. You can help someone build the confidence and ability to start a company, hence becoming an integral part of their success. 

Our Incubator programs run from March till June and from October till January both in Amsterdam and in Rotterdam.

Our trainers need to speak English and are able and willing to give workshops in Rotterdam or Amsterdam. Trainers don’t have to be certified, but we are looking for professional and experienced trainers and workshop facilitators.

If you think you fit the profile and would like to host a workshop at Forward Incubator reach out to or apply below.

"I love Forward, they are in it with their heart. It is an absolute pleasure to teach the entrepreneurs and motivate them to shoot for Mars with their businesses."
Orpheu Lieunor
Business Teacher

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