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Do you want to learn how to launch a business and make a social impact at the same time?

Student Consultant

Move forward with purpose! 

Are you currently a student and do you want to get hands-on experience in consulting and dive into the world of entrepreneurship? This is the program for you!

Become a pro bono student consultant for 8-12 hours a week for three months. Meet the entrepreneurs and choose which starting business you would like to work on. We will have weekly meetings with your Forward Incubator-team, where we discuss progress and challenges, occasionally enjoy a beer or two. Get training about start-up principles, personal development, cross-cultural training and more!

Learn about entrepreneurship in practice through workshops and learning by doing. Connect with ambitious individuals that share grand dreams and stories. Build a strong network of successful entrepreneurs and business professionals that train and mentor you and your team. Make a change, not only in the lives of others, but also within yourself in tackling the most complex of problems.

Our incubator programs run from April until the end of June and from November until the end of January every year. Student consultants are expected to sign up for the full three months in order to maximise their learning experience and impact. 

Learn about our application deadlines by clicking the button below.

If you want to apply, please click the button below and fill out the form. If you’d like to receive more information, write us an email at

If you have specific questions for Amsterdam or Rotterdam you can reach out to the Student Ambassador Board (SAB). The Student Ambassadors can share with you the experience they had as Student Consultants.

The SAB will make sure that you and over 70 other student consultants per cohort get the most out of their time at Forward Incubator. They organise events, create relationships with external organisations and make sure that you have access to resources to increase your contribution to the entrepreneurs’ business. Want to know more? Their contact information can be found below.

The only requirement is that we need you to be enrolled in a university level degree. You will need to be physically present at the workshops, and for the meetings with your team, so proximity to Rotterdam or Amsterdam helps.
We look for individuals who are motivated, with a great work ethic, international mindset, and are culturally aware.  Experience in consulting projects, or involved in your own initiatives is always a plus, and will help your application. Dutch is not a must, but we want to ensure that there is at least one dutch student per team. 

"The program helps both entrepreneurs and students to develop an idea to a real business, an experience that has been highly valuable for me. On top of that, I got introduced to working with many different cultures."
Andrea Bolt
Student University of Amsterdam

Student Ambassador Board Amsterdam


Matthijs Akkersdijk


Andrea Bolt


Leah Li


Kalina Vassileva

Student Ambassador Board Rotterdam


Jeanne Labergue


Marta Barbir


Anika Mishra

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