Spring 2020 Rotterdam

Meet our Rotterdam entrepreneurs

Can you spot the next Unicorn?

Rotterdam - Spring 2020

Awesome ideas, by inspiring entrepreneurs! Click on their pictures to see their business websites.

Meghrig Garabad

Arev Upcycled Jewellery

Melting old, unwanted jewellery and creating new, modern pieces at a fair price

Rami Alramadan


An e-commerce platform specializing in the home gym equipment niche

Abdulhadi Bakhash


Le-MaaS improves the charging infrastructure and services for eBikes and other Light Electrical Vehicles.

Nidal Mohamad

Olive Kingdom

Olive Kingdom brings handcrafted, natural olive soaps based on a 4000-year old recipe from Aleppo to Dutch showers

Yonas Teklay


Coaching of Eritreans in the Netherlands and advising policy makers so programs reach this group

Rima Alkirawan

Rima’s Language School

A high-level Arabic language school for University students and MENA professionals

Sami Mehmet Kuzey


Platform teaching coding & programming to marginalized groups.

Mustafa Khaled


Training for experts to become trainers, using a cross-cultural lens and tailored, modular courses.

Mohammed Baras

Laundry Day Off

Connecting laundry services to customers via an e-bike

Mehrzad Verdizadegan


A web- & software-development training institutes for newcomers with arranged internship opportunities

Hossein Sajadian

Afrang Design Studio

Interior design & construction – an all-in-one service

Dedan Titi Owori

Tahka Group

Tahka provides consulting & business development services to sustainable energy companies in sub-Saharan Africa

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