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Frequently asked questions

Forward Incubator offers different groups of people to get involved, ranging from newcomers, students, and professionals, to investors. Below you can find questions that people have asked us before. If you other questions please reach out to

For entrepreneurs:

Forward Incubator offers you the possibility to talk to investors, if you are ready for this step. However, Forward Incubator does not guarantee investment in your startup.

The Forward Incubator program takes maximum 4 months in total for which a team will support you. When the program is finished, Forward Incubator does not offer you support any longer. Of course, you can discuss with your team if they want to continue supporting you after the official program. Furthermore, Forward Incubator can decide that you can join the ‘aftercare’ program in which you can receive 1 hour of support per week for a certain period of time. Forward Incubator will decide if you are a fit for the aftercare program and it does not cover the same type of support as during the official program.

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