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We work with incredibly ambitious and talented entrepreneurs intensively during our incubator programs. The startups below are a small sample of the businesses that were created during our various programs in Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We are proud to support diverse businesses in industries like Technology, Agriculture, International Trade and Art, reflecting the uniqueness of the entrepreneurs.

Roua Atelier

Roua ALHalabi is the embodiment of energy, creativity, and sustainability; and she brings them all together in her business. Roua Atelier is a sustainable art program for children that uses ancient techniques such as block and silk printing, natural colors and textiles, science, and culture to allow kids to explore their creativity and learn. Until now Roua has run 7 workshops with 58 participants and a successful crowding funding campaign to raise her startup capital. Check out Roua’s journey on her website: www.rouaatelier.com.

Bloom Bee

Iman Geraily is our and your flower guy; he is the founder of Bloom Bee, an online subscription service targeted to HORECA businesses to supply their flower decorations on demand. During the incubator program, Iman surprised us with his sheer will to get work done and make his business a reality. We are certain that very soon every cafe and restaurant in Amsterdam will be using Bloom Bee.

First Date

Tamim and Rahaf are what you’d call a ‘power couple’. Together, they are committed to tackling growing global demand for coffee and the associated rise in CO2 emissions from expanding coffee harvests by marketing a new type of coffee made from date seeds. Not only is this a healthier alternative to regular coffee, it is also more eco-friendly since it’s made from a residue product. Order your first cup here: https://www.daffee.nl/


Syrian Software Engineer Somur Ruteeb founded Aspiraties, a company specialised in creative online solutions to support newcomers to the Netherlands in their integration process. He is offering online trainings for safety certificates for construction workers and the theory exam for the driver’s license. Further, Aspiraties is the first company to offer training for construction workers in Tigrinya and Arabic. This allows many Syrians and Eritreans in the Netherlands to find jobs in construction and technical services. Aspiraties has build a great network of newcomers and municipalities in the Netherlands and is selling courses for statushouders to municipalities, including in-person workshops. Interested? Please reach Aspiraties at https://cs-aspiraties.nl/

Green Wheel Tech

Mohammad al Fakee founded Green Wheel Tech. The mission of Green Wheel Tech is to raise 200 million Africans out of poverty by using his solar irrigation solution to empower farmers. During the program, Mohammad inspired his coach Ernst Peter Hovinga, and now they have partnered as co-founders. Together they are currently testing the prototype for a solar-powered irrigation system with a team of Dutch engineers, and they are looking for customers and investors to kickstart the company! Want to reach out? Check out the website

Zaan Export

Zein Nuqari is an entrepreneur by nature. He ran a nightclub in Ukraine and was an independent currency trader. Now his mission is to support the infrastructural reconstruction in Syria, by shipping second-hand, high-quality machinery to Syria. Right after the program, Zein secured a 30.000€ loan to kickstart his company! He has now received two orders from customers in Syria and is actively scouting the required models and specification in the Netherlands. Soon he will visit his logistics partners in Germany and Sweden to make concrete agreements and get them involved in fulfilling the current open orders. Overall the business is moving forward! Contact him via e-mail

Talent Status

Manar Aburshaid founded Talent Status; his mission is to help newcomers get work, allowing them to get out of social support. Manar goes beyond providing them with jobs he also partners with OCTA, a coaching company that helps newcomers integrate better into the Dutch workplace. A meeting with a ‘Wethouder’ from the municipality of Rotterdam, was a turning point for Talent Status. The Department of Werk en Inkomen is now actively collaborating with Manar’s company, allowing him to match newcomers with potential employers. Manar is confident that all this networking will generate the needed momentum towards success. Learn more about Talent Status via the website

Holland Leading Agriculture

Abdullah is an experienced agricultural engineer from Syria, where he worked for over 30 years as a seed importer. In the Netherlands, he now has access to those high-quality seeds. With his company Holland Leading Agriculture, he attracted multiple large agricultural companies as suppliers. Now he is selling seeds in countries like Jordan, Libya, and Iraq. His vision is to supply the entire MENA region with robust seeds, ensuring increased food productivity under extreme weather conditions. His customer base is growing steadily! Go visit his Facebook page

Askpro Renovatie

Mohammad Alasar is an engineer and successful serial entrepreneur from Syria. Here in the Netherlands, he noticed that many construction workers of Arabic origin are not certified and don’t find their way into Dutch construction companies. Also, Dutch consumers face substantial waiting times when they want to renovate their houses. Askpro is the solution to both sides of the problem. The renovation company has big housing companies as clients and currently employs 6 newcomers! Do you know someone who is looking for some home repair? Get in touch with Alasar through his website

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