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Are you looking to make both a financial return and a social impact?


Do you want to invest in early stage startups (seed capital) and make a social impact on society at the same time?

Forward Incubator provides you with a unique opportunity to invest in a diverse portfolio of startups ranging from FMCG to technology. Many of these startups aim to solve one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and are therefore social impact ventures.

As an investor you get direct access to a range of companies that Forward Incubator has helped startup in one of the incubator programs. Next to having received training by top instructors, coaching by professionals and operational support by university students, the entrepreneurs also have access to Forward Incubator’s vast network.  Your role as an investor is to provide seed capital and help the entrepreneur to get to the next stage of his or her business.

Now more than ever, entrepreneurs with a social impact business need the help of early stage (seed capital) investors to get their businesses off the ground. Not only are you able to make a difference on the financial side of a startup company, you tap into new innovations firsthand as well.

Every year there are multiple moments in which you can witness investor pitches from the different cohorts of entrepreneurs at Forward Incubator. Four times per year we host the Forward Incubator Demo Day, in Amsterdam and in Rotterdam: twice at the end of March (Amsterdam and Rotterdam) and twice at the end of June (Amsterdam and Rotterdam). Furthermore, we co-host different investor events with our partners such as the Money Moves Forward investor event in December in collaboration with ABN AMRO Bank in Amsterdam Zuid.

Next to these events we offer the possibility to book a private meeting to get to know an entrepreneur. Typically near the end of each incubator program, in March or June, our entrepreneurs are ready and willing to accept offers from investors.

In principal the common investment practices apply to investing in our startups. This means that if you are interested in investing in one of our startups we require you to first contact us.

Typically our entrepreneurs are open to discuss the following financial instruments:

  • Loans
  • Equity shares
  • Convertible loans
  • Acquisitions (100% equity)

Preferably an investor has:

  • Expertise in the specific sector the startup operates in
  • Experience as a (seed capital) investor
  • Cultural awareness

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