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Digital Entrepreneurship Program

January 2021 – March 2021

The focus of the Digital Entrepreneurship Program is on learning and being open to anyone with a refugee background. Here, we focus on delivering you with valuable content on Business & Entrepreneurship Literacy, Digital Skills, and Cultural Understanding. Everything will be based on self-paced online learning, which means that you can take your time to get everything done from wherever you are.

Forward Team

More than seven full time members of the Core Forward Incubator Team will assist you with your business by providing you with strategic guidance and regular feedback on the Digital Entrepreneurship Program. The team has experience in setting up businesses in a wide range of sectors, from international trade to social enterprises.

Our Past Participants

Forward Incubator has over 2 years of experience with helping entrepreneurs with a refugee background to set up their business in the Netherlands. We have successfully launched over 43 businesses thus far. Listen to what our previous participants have to say about our program:

Nour - Participant 2019

“I learnt from scratch how to set up a business, and I am thankful to have launched my e-learning platform since I won the Fall incubator last year.”

Mohammed - Participant 2019

Through the extensive workshops, with the help of my team and the large network that the program provided me, my idea is now being realized.”

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Our next Digital Entrepreneurship Program will take place online starting September 2021

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