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 Find out here how you can contribute to our program!

Student Program

Move forward with purpose! 

Are you currently a student and want to get hands on experience in consulting, and dive into the world of entrepreneurship? This is the program for you! Interested? Check ‘When?’ section for application process. 

Become a pro bono student consultant for 8-12 hours a week, for four months! Meet the entrepreneurs and choose which starting business you would like to work on. We will have weekly meetings with your FI-team, where we discuss progress and challenges, occasionally enjoy a beer or two! Get training about start-up principles, personal development, cross-cultural training and more!

Learn about entrepreneurship in practice through workshops and learning by doing. Connect with ambitious individuals that share grand dreams and stories. Build a strong network of successful entrepreneurs and business professionals that train and mentor you and your team. Make a change, not only in the lives of others, but also within yourself in tackling the most complex of problems.

Student consultants are expected to sign up for the full four months in order to maximise their learning experience and impact. 


  • The next program runs from March until the 30th June
  • Applications are open until the 10th of March!


  • The next program runs from March until the 2nd July
  • Applications are open until the 17th of March!

If you want to apply, please click the button on the right and fill out the form! If you’d like to receive more information, write us an email at or come to our Information events in Amsterdam or Rotterdam!

The only requirement is that we need you to be enrolled in a university level degree. You will need to be physically present at the workshops, and for the meetings with your team, so proximity to Rotterdam or Amsterdam helps!
We look for individuals who are motivated, with a great work ethic, international mindset, and are culturally aware.  Experience in consulting projects, or involved in your own initiatives is always a plus, and will help your application! Dutch is not a must, but we want to ensure that there is at leat one dutch student per team. 

Listen to past student consultants!


Make an impact by sharing your expertise!

Do you want to enrich your professional and personal life? And use your expertise in an impactful way? Reach out to us on and we can set up a time to meet.

A coach will commit 2 hours per week for four months. Your role is to guide the entrepreneurs on the rules of the game in the Netherlands, help them test their assumptions and set goals, and to bring your network to the table.  

Coaching at Forward Incubator is a unique experience. Our program will allow you to add new perspectives to your professional and personal life by becoming part of the challenge of starting a business as a newcomer. You can contribute to an entrepreneur that will truly value and learn from your feedback. You will work with a diverse team that is hungry to learn, and have a strong entrepreneurial ambition.  

The next four month program will start in March 2020 in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.  Coaches are expected to commit for the full 4 months.  If you are interested in joining Forward Incubator as a coach reach out to us on and we can set up a time to meet.

The only requirement we look for in a coach is that you need to commit to doing two hours per week, where you meet with your entrepreneur face to face. You are an entrepreneur, or you are experienced in one or multiple industries. We seek coaches that are proactive, positive, culturally aware, and are able to give constructive feedback. 


Donate your time and expertise! 

At FI we recruit the best trainers who can deliver high quality workshops to our entrepreneurs on a variety of subjects.

A trainer can give a single workshop, or a series of workshops in the program. Currently we have trainers that give workshops on lean startup, business plan writing, marketing, legal and tax, pitching, finance, investments, personal skills, and cross cultural communication, and negotiation.

You will be able to help eager entrepreneurs to start their business and build their lives in the Netherlands. You can help someone build the confidence and ability to start a company, hence becoming integral part of their success. 

The next four month program will start in March 2020 in Amsterdam and Rotterdam.  If you are interested in giving a workshop or one on one sessions with our entrepreneurs reach out to us on and we can set up a time to meet.

Our trainers need to speak english and are able an willing to give workshops in Rotterdam or Amsterdam. Trainers don’t have to be certified, but we are looking for professional and experienced trainers and workshop facilitators. 



Interested in the opportunity below? Send your cv and a short motivation to
Internship at Forward Incubator Rotterdam

At Forward Incubator the drive for excellence, a strong team spirit and a deep connection to our mission are non-negotiables. We strive for the economic empowerment of newcomers (people with a refugee background) in the Netherlands. Entrepreneurship presents itself as a powerful tool enabling people to take charge of their future and start anew in a foreign country. The Forward Incubator program assists newcomers with starting their business, educates them on top-notch business and startup knowledge and continuously focuses on the development of crucial competencies necessary to be a successful entrepreneur.

We are looking for energetic, self-starting interns that are great team-players, but also confident enough to get work done on their own. The most important part of the internship is the guidance of newcomers and their teams through the incubator program and coach and support them with all the tasks related to starting a business in the Netherlands.


  • At least 20 hours of work per week on average from Mid-March until the beginning of July (exact period can be discussed)
  • The internship takes place at our office at Cambridge Innovation Center, Groot Handelsgebouw, Rotterdam
  • The internship coordinator is Laura Di Santolo, your immediate supervisor is Caspar Wanders, the Program Manager in Rotterdam

Specific Tasks Overview

Before the program

  • Support in the interviewing of entrepreneurs
  • Interviewing student consultants (including scheduling and sending the responses)
  • Reach-out and marketing for the recruitment of coaches and growing the community 
  • Participating in networking events to recruit business coaches and trainers
  • Supporting the organisation with operational tasks 
  • Being the right hand of the program manager 
  • Beautifying slide decks
  • Creation of administrative tools (Attendance sheets, CRM tool, KPI dashboards, dynamic recruitment sheets, etc)
  • Look up and create files with resources for workshops

During the program

  • Team facilitation of at least 4 teams which includes attending and coordinating team meetings, stakeholder relationship management: coaches, students & entrepreneurs, and supporting the entrepreneurs in administrative tasks
  • Beautifying slide decks
  • 1-on-1 working sessions with entrepreneurs during the Bootcamp
  • Helping in the facilitation of some of the workshops
  • Creating the interim and final surveys
  • Preparing, printing and coordinating materials for the workshops
  • Creation of reports for managers
  • Organising corporate events (facilitation of activities) 
  • Partnering and creating events with associations on campus (RSM/EUR, CEMS,, Enactus etc.)
  • Managing student recruitment for the next period
  • Work on the sustainability mission of Forward
  • Supporting the organisation with operational tasks 
  • Being the right hand of the program manager

There is room for a lot of different tasks and we encourage the interns to come up with creative ways to improve the organisations, increase our visibility and ensure that the entrepreneurs are set-up for success.