Fall 2019 Rotterdam

Meet our Rotterdam entrepreneurs

Can you spot the next Unicorn?

Rotterdam - Fall 2019

Awesome ideas, by inspiring entrepreneurs! Click on their pictures to check their LinkedIn profiles and connect.

Somur Ruteeb

ICT Company

Soft robot to drive newcomer Arabic people to get a VCA certificate (Dutch training for blue collar workers)

Nour Alzaman

Arabic Language Platform

Online Arabic lessons fro non native speakers. Package deals include her online book and videos teaching Arabic in a modern and effective way

Efrem Gebreab

Café/Bar/Event Location

Bar that focuses on Eritrean culture, with the goal of bringing the Dutch and Eritrean communities together with music, debate nights and workshops

Elian Alzukimi

Art Business

Passionate painter who wants to make the world more beautiful one wall at a time. Now creating merchandise of his mural art

Alaa Khalefeh

Baklava snackbars

Sell a nutty delight that will challenge your senses and provide you with energy: Syrian Baklava. In the Netherlands, there’s only access to the Turkish version

Mostafa Betaree

Culture Café

Platform that allows newcomer artists to showcase their work, through collaborating with different festivals and events


Syrian Restaurant

Mediterranean restaurant that serves authentic food, with a cosy atmosphere. Arabics can have a taste of home and non-Arabics can discover the cuisine

Hadi Sanad

Bank Transaction Platform

Website that is going to reduce transaction time between different banks (in different countries) from one business day to 10 seconds

Omar Ahmad

Food Photography Agency

Marketing advisory and production for small to medium sized businesses – starting with Arabic restaurants. Focus on food photography and social media first

Asem Tfnakji

Mediterranean Shop

Open a shop for a large range of Mediterranean goods, mainly sweets, nuts, spices and coffee 

Mazen Ali

Design&Creation of Industrial Machines

Advisory, design and creation of industrial manufacturing equipment, i.e. automatic bread packaging machines for Arabic bakeries


Self-Development & Coaching Agency

Personal development coaching services and events around the topic of professional development and entrepreneurship


Arabic Radio Channel

A platform for Arabic people to talk about all topics surrounding Arabs in NL. Starting first via YouTube, with the goal to establish an Arabic radio station

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