Fall 2019 Amsterdam

Meet our Amsterdam entrepreneurs

Can you spot the next Unicorn?

Amsterdam - Fall 2019

Awesome ideas, by inspiring entrepreneurs! Click on their pictures to check their LinkedIn profiles and connect.

Hasan Skeiker

Tech Microwork

Training newcomers in tech skills and create the connection with big tech companies for outsourced services

Yara Kanaan

Fashion Atelier

Fashion and style advisory and production of high-end tailored dresses and other garment. These would be suitable for both business or special events

Omar Abdelhamid

Healthy food as disease prevention

Research-based food company on a mission to revolutionise people’s drink habits, revolutionising your health one Kombucha sip at a time

Roua ALHalabi

Art Workshops for children

Art workshops focused on new art techniques, and working with sustainable and organic materials. As a result, healthy toys are produced

Rahaf & Tamim

Date seeds grounds

Introducing a traditional middle-eastern beverage based on date seeds as a new and trendy alternative to coffee

Iman Geraily

B2B Marketplace

Online marketplace and demand planning platform for the Food&Beverage and Hospitality sectors, for better control of inventories, cash flow and supply chains

Khaldoun Daghmach

Dropshipping Online Platform

Webshop developed using Oberlo, for the selling of pet toys and accessories

Maxim Likhachev

Sushi Delivery Services

Solving the little access that office workers have to fresh, healthy and affordable food, by delivering sushi to busy business areas in Amsterdam

Omar Alhaj Ali

Online Knowledge Platform

“Booksbase” is a platform where students, book agencies and universities come together to buy and sell books, summaries, and online courses

Mutaz Ahmed

Arab Walking Tour in Amsterdam

Showing the beauty beyond the Red Light district and the coffee shops by integrating both the historic and architectural history of the city

Slava Kritskiy

Maritime Recruitment Platform

Platform that makes it easier for seafarers to find the right jobs at the right time on big ships. The Uber for sailors and maritime companies

Ali Haitham

Peer Learning Platform

A seamless web platform that would connect users planning to learn common topics of interest in groups of 2+ people

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