Entrepreneurs Winter 2020/21

Entrepreneurs Winter 2020/21 cohort

See the talented people eager to launch, fund and grow their own businesses.

Muhammad Husein
Food & Beverage
Ready-to-cook meals. Deliver to the customer meal packages that will be partially cooked so they can finish the preparation at home.

Abdulkader Aljundi
Food & Beverage
A culture café that serves international coffees their traditional ways.

Tasar Isskreah
Food & Beverage
A keto food business that sells healthy pancakes.

Yevgeniy & Alexandr
Food & Beverage
Production and sale of Korean-style steam buns filled with meat and vegetables with various additives.

Famil Zamanli
Sustainable Fashion
A studio with an ethical approach in clothing making and creative storytelling of socially and environmentally responsible topics.

Lara Alsayed
Sustainable Fashion
Currently runs small sustainable fashion business. Needs marketing and commercial support to grow the business.

Ahmad Al-Maidama (AJ)
Tech – Mobility
“I WHEEL” is the Airbnb for your bicycles! A platform on which people can easily find parking spots for their bicycles.

Amjad Aljamal
Tech – Service Marketplace
An app that allows craftsmen, handymen and their customers to find each other easily, quickly and constantly.

Baktybek Toulparov
Tech – Services
Super app to create a digital ecosystem to connect multiple stakeholders. The inspiration is WeChat. Initially to approach HORECA businesses.

Burak Isik
Tech – Services
Wants to create an application that allows companies to segment and identify their customers more effectively.

Burhan Kocabiyik
Tech – E-commerce
Augmented Reality (AR) and 3D modelling tools for e-Commerce.

Midyan Abd Ulbaki
Tech – Sports & Recreation
An online platform to help people find and match with others to share sports activities – find your sports buddy!

Mohamed Elnemr
Tech – Fitness
Online platform that allows users to find personal fitness coaches to workout from the safety of their homes.

Nour Alein Bahbouh
An e-commerce app that identifies goods such as clothing and home accessories, among others, that have attractive sales discounts.

Viny Handriani
An online platform to buy, sell, or trade second-hand luxury products such as designer handbags.

Woroud Mansour
An Ekoplaza franchise that sells organic food products.

Ahmet Sahinkayasi
International Trade
Import and sales of leather and textile goods from Turkey. Will begin with bike and fashion accessories.

Hassan Dirisu
International Trade
Commodity trading and arbitrage of minerals such as gold, silver and gems to give market access to small artisanal miners.

Khaled Alyami (Noori)
International Trade
A business that focuses on import and export agricultural products between the Middle East and Europe such as dates (fruit) and tulips.

Samuel John
International Trade
Export of industrial equipment from Europe to South Asia and Africa. Focus on the farming and dairy sectors.

Sarmad Al Dujaili
International Trade
Establish a food trade company in the Netherlands to import 100+ variety of fresh Iraqi dates (fruit).

Adel Regal
Advisory for small and medium sized businesses on sustainability and  environmental impact mitigation measures.

Nour Charaf Eddin
Marketing Services
Integrating marketing, consulting and mindset educational workshops in one place

Adam Hamwi
Media & Entertainment
Online platform which fosters integration and collaboration between newcomers and Dutch people with media produced content.

Brenda Jolly Ajidiru
Health & Beauty
A full-service beauty salon dedicated to provide beauty services, products for hair, nail, along with top lines of beauty products.

Muzafar Ahmad
An adventure tourism travel agency that provides end-2-end packages and services within Pakistan.

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