Entrepreneurs Spring 2021

Entrepreneurs Spring 2021 cohort

See the talented people eager to launch, fund and grow their own businesses.

Jai Watson
Food & Beverage
Jamaican food business aiming to bring delicious Caribbean flavours to the Netherlands

Mahmoud Alothman
Food & Beverage
Ketogenic meals and snacks for people with dietary restrictions, such as diabetes, and who want to improve their health condition

Naiah Dawod
Food & Beverage
A Middle Eastern experience that combines vegetarian and vegan food with art, culture and storytelling

Ahmad Alosman
Consumer Products & Services
Help Islamic residents in Germany to conduct traditional funeral ceremonies conveniently and taking customs into consideration

Fatemeh Moghaddamzadeh
Consumer Products & Services
Design, implementation and importing of stones, jewelry and accessories to the Netherlands and the rest of Europe

Hiba & Shant
Consumer Products & Services

Currently runs small sustainable fashion business. Needs marketing and commercial support to grow the business

Oula Elhorani
Consumer Products & Services
An online store selling natural ingredients and raw materials for consumers to produce their own beauty products at home DIY-style

Roula Bahbouh
Consumer Products & Services
Upcycling used furniture to give them a second lease of life, a new home and reduce waste along the way

Abdulwahid (Abd) Alhendi
Tech – Hardware
An interactive fitness mirror to workout at home. Making your living room feel like real gym

Ali AbuAwad
Tech – Hardware
A hydroponic system to grow food at home. Merging agricultural tech with innovative design to increase greenery in urban and camp societies

Bassel Alkhatib
Tech – E-commerce
A platform that allows you to place an order with a ‘shopper’, who then delivers it to your doorstep

Elija & Diego
Tech – E-commerce
An on-demand grocery and retail delivery service. Get your groceries, from multiple stores, delivered to your home in 2-3 hours!

Habib Ishaq
Tech – Hardware
Patented solar water purification system to provide clean drinking water from seawater and other undrinkable sources

Musaed Sharaf
Tech – Marketplace
A logistics platform that allows food retailers/supermarkets to easily connect with the right suppliers to save costs & time

Ruba Aldher
Fintech & Microfinance
Digital communal savings and lending service for people who can’t access financial services (e.g. low income groups, newcomers)

Bilal Cankal
Advisory & Consulting
Newsights is a platform for in depth research into security in European societies linked to issues related to the Middle East and North Africa

Maha Alzeer
Education & Non-profits
A holistic service to improve the integration of newcomers in the Netherlands, including elements of language, culture and job placement education

Wejdan Ajaj
Education & Non-profits
An online service for Arabic- language education of children who are growing abroad and away of the their cultural roots

Aiman Mlehati
Media & Marketing
Online media for freelance journalists, writers and reporters with refugee backgrounds – reporting POVs that are not often published in media

Jamil Makhoul
Media & Marketing
A multilingual and multicultural platform to create and process visual media content. Includes content creation, design and editing services

Lucien Biriganine
Media & Marketing
An online platform for cultural exchange between immigrants and Dutch locals

Abdulrahman Alshameri
International Trade
Import of organic products (sesame seeds, hibiscus, ground peanuts) to the Netherlands with potential for export too

Marawan Azab
International Trade
International trade of agricultural food products, with a focus on fruit, between the Middle East and the Netherlands

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