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Are you looking to share your expertise with purpose?

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Do you want to share your expertise with purpose and connect with a different culture on a personal level?

Forward Incubator provides you with a unique opportunity to make a social impact by applying your knowledge and skills in a meaningful way.

As a pro bono coach you will commit 2 hours per week to help an entrepreneur for three-to-four months. Your role is to guide the entrepreneur on a strategic level in the Netherlands, help them test their key assumptions, set goals, and share your network.

Coaching at Forward Incubator is a unique experience. Our program will allow you to add new perspectives to your professional and personal life by becoming part of the challenge of starting a business as a newcomer. You can contribute to an entrepreneur that will truly value you and learn from your feedback. You will work with a diverse team that is hungry to learn, and has a strong entrepreneurial ambition.  

Our incubator programs run from end of March until the end of June and from mid-November until the end of March every year, in both Amsterdam and in Rotterdam. Coaches are expected to commit for the full three-to-four months.  If you are interested in joining Forward Incubator as a coach reach out to us on or apply below and we can set up a time to meet.

The only requirement we look for in a coach is that you need to commit for two hours per week, where you meet with your entrepreneur face to face. You are an entrepreneur, or you are experienced in one or multiple industries. We seek coaches that are proactive, positive, culturally aware, and are able to give constructive feedback.

Lionel is the founder of reTHINK impact studio and the co-founder of Tech Makers, a startup community. He loves to connect, engage, and empower people. After coaching Yara and helping several entrepreneurs in the making, he now acts as our coach ambassador.
Lionel Exposito
Coach Ambassador Forward Incubator

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