Advisory Committee






Forward Incubator Advisory Board

Ally van der Boon

Ally is the Startup Innovation Program Lead at Akzonobel. She also has well-defined start-up experience as Founder of Justpeaches and Co-founder of Fuel-up. Ally’s speciality lies in driving change through mobilizing people in Technology and Marketing and has worked with both SME’s and Fortune 500 companies, but has also coached RF entrepreneurs.

Megha Mittal

Megha is the founder of and has extensive experience at and McKinsey & Company. Her experience ranges from research, consulting and e-commerce and she has led and developed growth strategies on large cross-country companies with over 1000 employees.

Mirjam van Praag

Mirjam is president of the board of the VU University, and former professor Entrepreneurship at the Copenhagen Business School and University of Amsterdam. She is crown member of the Social Economical Board, former strategy consultant at The Boston Consultancy Group and founder of the Amsterdam Centre for Entrepreneurship.

Floris van Alkemade

Floris co-founded 4 venture capital funds. He manages Solid Ventures and is a venture partner at HenQ. Floris is also co-founder and investor in Elanza, one of the Refugees Forward incubated businesses. He has 20+ years of investing experience in Western Europe and the US.

Erik Boer

Erik is the Managing Director of the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship which was named best tech incubator of the Netherlands in 2018. He has experience as strategist at the Vrije Universiteit and the Erasmus University and has coached some of the Refugees Forward entrepreneurs in Amsterdam.

Andre Bolland

Andre is Founding Partner at The Discovery Company and Partner at Team Academy, one of the strategic partners of Refugees Forward. He has experience as manager and director at Lufthansa and Schiphol and is a true conscious entrepreneur and innovator, also having coached several of the RF entrepreneurs.

Rayan Aebi

Rayan is Venture Architect and Innovation Manager at Stryber, and has been a coach at the SINGA Business Incubator. He has also been an Investment Associate and Early Stage Technology Investor at Caixa Capital in Lisbon, as well as Co-Founder of Lagerflow and CoBid.