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Meet Forward Incubator

If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together

The Forward Incubator Team

Diederick van der Wijk

Co Founder and Managing Director

Laura Di Santolo

Co Founder and Program Director

Zara Doyle Cunningham

Rotterdam Program Manager

Antonio Alvarez

Amsterdam Program Manager

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Tim Leijten

Business Development Manager

Maria Manuel Saraiva

Program Developer

Jonathan Soto Moreno

Program Developer

Paolo Molinatti

Program Developer

Our Advisory Board

Ally Van der Boon

Startup Innovation Program Lead at Akzonobel and Founder of Justpeaches and Co-founder of Fuel-up.

Megha Mittal

Megha is the founder of B2YRoots.com and has extensive experience at Booking.com and McKinsey & Company.

Erik Boer

Erik is the Managing Director of the Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship which was named best tech incubator of the Netherlands in 2018.

Rayan Aebi

Rayan is Venture Architect and Innovation Manager at Stryber, and has been a coach at the SINGA Business Incubator. Co-Founder of Lagerflow and CoBid.

Andre Bolland

Andre is Founding Partner at The Discovery Company and Partner at Team Academy, one of the strategic partners of Refugees Forward.

Mirjam van Praag

Mirjam is president of the board of the VU University, and former professor Entrepreneurship at the Copenhagen Business School and University of Amsterdam.

Floris van Alkemade

Floris co-founded 4 venture capital funds. He manages Solid Ventures and is a venture partner at HenQ. Floris is also co-founder and investor in Elanza, one of the Forward Incubator businesses.

Don Ritzen

Don is the co-founder of Rockstart, and had a significant impact on the Amsterdam start up scene.

Our Impact

Above you can see an overview of our economic and social impact, as well as the reach of our community, however if you’d like to know more detail please feel free to read our impact reports!
In its first year of existence the focus of Forward Incubator has been to develop an effective, tailored, and personal approach to entrepreneurship programs for newcomers. We aim first and foremost to nurture the talents, ambitions and skills of newcomers to become economically independent. However as entrepreneurship is not the only way to economic empowerment, our economic impact is reflected in the opportunities that participants can seize through the program, related to either their own business or empowerment through paid employment and further education. 
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