Yesterday, the entrepreneurs of RF in Amsterdam had their first big milestone – the Interim Pitch Event.

6 weeks into the intense and challenging program, 13 entrepreneurs pitched their idea and the progress they have made so far in front of a three-person jury, the entire RF community and their family & friends.

The entrepreneurs did incredibly well: all 13 delivered a professional competitive pitch exciting the crowd and the 3 jurors. To increase the stakes the entrepreneurs competed for 2 prizes: one determined by the jury and the other one by a public vote of the audience. The two winners are: Hisham Ammatouri convinced the jury of his idea and won the first prize of 500€, while Blaise Biringanine received 250€ by winning over the hearts of the crowd. Both entrepreneurs were thrilled and have a clear idea of how to spend the money. Hisham is going to sit down with patent lawyers in order to protect his IP and Blaise will use the money to start his e-commerce platform and create a marketing strategy for his Congolese customers.

After our successful event in Amsterdam, we are now looking forward to the Interim Pitches in Rotterdam: upcoming Sunday 31st of March at CIC. We are inviting you to join our second round of competitive pitches. Attend the event and witness the passion and the ideas that our entrepreneurs have.

See you next Sunday in Rotterdam,

Your Refugees Forward Team