Enabling newcomers to launch successful businesses

Our Mission

We strive for the economic empowerment of newcomers by enabling them to launch, fund and grow their own businesses.

Forward Incubator is a high-quality business incubator that strives for the economic empowerment of people with a refugee background through the launch of successful businesses. In our entrepreneurship programmes we offer top-notch business and cross-cultural training and match our entrepreneurs with experienced professionals, student team members, a strong network of corporates and both private and public investors. We strongly believe in an individualized approach to support newcomers in achieving economic self-reliance, integration in local communities and making valuable contributions to their new country.  Click to learn more about our 4 month incubator program!


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Our Mission

Refugees Forward is a non-profit organization that offers newcomers the opportunity to obtain funding, training and expertise for their entrepreneurial projects in the Netherlands, through a supportive community of students, NGO’s and businesses. Learn more about our program!