Meet the entrepreneurs who will pitch on June 16th in Rotterdam

Meet the entrepreneurs who will pitch on June 16th!

Our R'dam program is quickly reaching its final event - the Pitch Finale. It will be a special occasion to witness entrepreneurship in action and celebrate the RF community. We are very happy to invite you to join us on the 16th of June at the 4th floor of the Cambridge Innovation Centre, from 3 P.M. onward. If you are attending, please RSVP through this form.

See you there!

Meet the entrepreneurs who will pitch on June 16th!

Entrepreneur Ahmad

ADIL | Uyghyur

Having 3 years of experience in the leather industry, Adil wants to apply his knowledge and skill here in the European market. In only three years he managed to open four leather shoe stores, but now wants to remodel his business and offer a web shop where customers can buy leather shoes online, for a price that is affordable for all. However, Adil has also been an activist, and wants to ensure that his business does not only make him financially independent but also work towards the promotion of Uyghur cause. His 1st project is going to be helping the Uyghur children, who have lost their parents by donating parts of his profits.

Entrepreneur Blaise

MANAR | Talent Status Recruitment

Manar, an experienced entrepreneur who had a fabrics company in Syria with over 200 employees, has a service called Talent Status Recruitment. He trains, connects and then payrolls newcomers with practical experience and has so far already employed two people. Manar has also run businesses in Kuwait and you can see his entrepreneurial spirit in the fact that midway in the program he switched ideas, going from a bazaar in Rotterdam to a recruitment agency. He has quickly gained traction and spotted the perfect opportunity in the market, an impressive feat!

Entrepreneur Hisham

MAIK | "Onderweg"

Being our youngest entrepreneur in our program yet, he wants to ensure that young refugees like him self are inspired to still see this change in environment as an opportunity. He wants to inspire people by showing his journey through ‘Onderweg’ a documentary that he is producing with KamerFilm. The documentary focuses on him and his group of friends that have all had to seek refuge in Europe, whilst underlining the different challenges of integration, but also the highlights of being together on this continent, it expresses the true value of friendship. If you are interested Maik is hosting a panel discussion with the Hogeschool Rotterdam School of Business on June 6th! Event link here.

Entrepreneur Hisham


Naima’s is one of the two female entrepreneurs that is in our program and she wants to work towards a world where art creates a cross cultural understanding, in which all human differences are embraced. She is an artist herself, and wants to open an art centre called CHAOS. CHAOS will be a new take on a gallery, it will be more than just that - workshops, live music, drinks and food will also be provided, in order to create an inclusive and creative space where people can connect. She will be having a pop up at CIC in June, follow her facebook page to keep up to date. 

Entrepreneur Matvey

OSAMA | Refurbished Network Equipment 

Osama’s goal is to decrease e-waste by introducing to the MENA region refurbished network equipment – meaning products such as routers, servers, firewalls, basically any equipment you need to have an operating office. Refurbished products have always been seen as faulty, however Osama is ready to break down those presumptions, and show the potential of refurbished goods. After all you can get the refurbished equipment at a much better price and is as good as new. Not to mention that this business model will tackle the environmental issue of e-waste. You can check out his website, and go see him at the Pitch Finale.

Entrepreneur Mohammed


Reshad and his partner Manshor are working on Unido, a communication device for hearing impaired athletes. The idea developed from the fact that several players in teams sports have hearing problems and are therefore disadvantaged. Reshad has experience as an entrepreneur in Afghanistan and owned several businesses, including a restaurant in the Netherlands called Reyhoon. He and Manshor were also the winners of the Rotterdam Startup Weekend, and have received €5.000 of seed capital.