Impact Report 2018

Impact Report 2018

In its first year of existence, the focus of Forward Incubator has been to develop an effective, tailored and personal approach to entrepreneurship programs for newcomers. This report reflects on the achievements of our 1st pilot program and 1st full incubator program and provides insight in the experiences of our entrepreneurs. Further, we present our impact targets and future outlook of our impact in the Netherlands for 2019 and 2020. We kindly welcome you to become part of our growing community and help us to become even more impactful in the future. Have a pleasant read! Yours faithfully, The Forward Incubator Team

Below there is a summary of our economic, social, and community impact but you can read the full report on: Impact Report 2018


Forward Incubator aims first and foremost to nurture the talents, ambition and skills of newcomers to become economically independent. As entrepreneurship is not the only way to economic empowerment, our economic impact is reflected in the opportunities participants seized through the program, related to either their own business or empowerment through paid employment and further education as a result of our programs. These are the results we achieved in 2018:

Economic Impact

Social Impact


You can read the full report on: Impact Report 2018