After our successful Interim Pitches in Amsterdam last week, yesterday was Rotterdam’s time to shine: 6 weeks  into an intense and challenging program, 9 entrepreneurs pitched their idea and the progress they have made so far in front of a jury, the RF community and their family & friends.

The entrepreneurs did incredibly well: they delivered a professional competitive pitch exciting the crowd and the 3 jurors.

Like in Amsterdam, to increase the stakes the entrepreneurs competed for 2 prizes: one determined by the jury and the other one by a public vote of the audience. The first winner was Kinan Arbash, who convinced the jury of his idea and won the first prize of 500€, while Manar Aburshaid received 250€ by winning over the hearts of the crowd. Both entrepreneurs were thrilled and have a clear idea of how to spend the money: they will both invest in their business and are going to push their idea forward.

On top of that, two entrepreneurs arranged their first pop-ups and tested their business idea in the real world. The first was Kinan, who besides presenting the winning pitch, was catering for the event, in a step towards launching his own kiosk. The second was artist Naima Darwish, who inaugurated her pop-up art gallery on Sunday. Her exhibition on diversity and beauty was a huge success! For more information about Naima and her art, please take a look at her instagram account.

With two successful events behind us, we are extremely proud of our entrepreneurs and cannot wait to see them and their business grow further. We are looking forward!

The next event will be on the 12th of June, in which the participants of our A’dam program will present their final pitch as the ending ceremony of the program.Until then, we have a lot of work to do. Save the date and stay tuned!

See you soon,

Your Refugees Forward Team


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