Anas Alsaeed


Fun facts:

If you had to eat one thing for every meal going forward, what would you eat?

Arabic bread.

Where do you most hope to visit?

Spain and Greece.

What’s your dream job?

Giving other people jobs.

What is your most-used emoji?

The smiley face with the hi sign.

If you were a fairy and could give one talent to a child, what would it be?

To be happy.



Could you tell us a bit about your background and what you are working on at Refugees Forward?

I am holding the Syrian nationality, but I was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Well, I have moved a lot between Saudi Arabia and Syria. I also have travelled and lived in Jordan, Egypt, and Libya.

To be honest, I have had a lot of ups and downs in my life; life has never been stable for me, and that is why I am good at coping with being under pressure.

My first experience with work was at the age of 12. I came up with an idea of cooking chickpeas, which was my mom’s job. I would them, and sell them in front of the mosque for the people who have finished their prayers. I loved talking to people there.

Growing up, I have tried many different jobs after my first one. After college, I started my career in sales by working for a big IT showroom. It felt so natural to me that I have never felt like I was working. As a sales person switching job was super easy for me, so I worked for all kinds of retail businesses from banks to kitchens. I guess I was born a sales man.

Here in Refugees forward, I am now trying to follow my instincts, and start a marketing company.

What motivates you in life?

There is a lot of things that motivate me; small things or big things, good things or bad things, happy events or sad events… It could be the weather, maybe the smile of a friend or a stranger. It is hard for me to specify it into particular things, but if I were to categorize my motivators, I would say the hate with all negative things under it and second the love with all the positive things under it. I usually get motivated by both. There is one practice I do it whenever I am working on something. I imagine success, and failure. Then I become afraid of falling, and happy to success, and that pushes me to go further.

What did you learn from the people involved in this program?

There are two large things I have learned from the people I have met through Refugees Forward. The first thing I have learned is that things are way more easier with team work. Clarifying my business idea at the start of the program seemed difficult, however, I have achieved tremendous progress already with my team. The other thing I have learned is that there are many other ways to do things. Through workshops, feedback session, and working with teams, I have learned that there’s no one obsolete solution to solve a problem or get something done.

Do you have any key figures in life that inspired or deeply influenced you?

All my life experience so far has had influence on me, but my oldest brother had the biggest impact on my understanding of business. He is the ultimate example of a “self-learner”. He managed to build his career, and our life at the same time. He is an excellent advertisement agent.

Why did you join RF?

As an entrepreneur there are certain things I wanted to learn such as how to earn other people’s trust, how to not get caught up in small things, and how to avoid being confused because of these small things. Also, I wanted to learn how to make my ideas become real. Last but not least, I wanted to get an in-depth knowledge of the process of starting a business in the Netherlands.

If you picture your perfect future in 5 years from now, what does it look like?

I can picture two situations for my future in 5 years.

The first one is me having a good successful business with my family next to me. And the second one is helping children in Syria study, and learn how to write and read.